We provide PC Matic to our clients.

PC Matic is an award-winning anti virus program. Ranked no. 1 for its whitelist technology, it is the only program we recommend to our clients. Whitelist antivirus is different from the traditional blacklist in that programs have to be marked as "safe" which means that unknown programs do not get through unless inspected. Traditional antivirus services which use blacklists let anything through unless there has been a report of a virus. This can lead to viruses that slip through the cracks. PC Matic is also known for preventing ransomeware attacks and better yet, it speeds up your computer while it runs.

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Why subscribe through us?

When you subscribe through us, we are not giving you a program to monitor and manage. We are adding you to our Managed Service Provider (MSP) account. What this means is that you will not even know that the program is running. You will not get any pop-ups, you do not have to worry about keeping it up to date and making sure scans are run frequently enough and that it is working properly. By adding your devices to our MSP account, we see the status of your antivirus system, schedule the scans, see the scan results, note and correct apps and drivers that are out of date and vulnerable to threats, and run tune-ups...all remotely! If there are potential issues, we will notice them immediately and correct them before they become big problems. You get PC Matic, the top-of-the-line anti-virus system in conjunction with physical eyes-on to ensure you are protected.

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