Realtors... are you looking for a great housewarming gift?

Consider giving the housewarming gift of in home technology set up service. Clients will appreciate this service as it takes away from the stress of moving. Additionally, with our keepsake gift box, realtors will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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Realtor Closing Gift

Closing gifts should leave a REAL impression.

As illustrated in the image above, technology set-up service gift boxes are engraved with the realtor's name. This provides for a move-in gift that features a more-personal touch. When a client looks inside the box, first they will find a booklet that details the gift they've received. Upon opening the booklet, they'll note the realtor's business card on the opening page. Finally, in the back of the box, they will find a gift certificate redeemable for in home device set-up service.

Designed to be a keepsake, our intention is for this beautiful box which illustrates this unique housewarming gift to continually remind recipients of the excellent service they received during their move-in process and the thoughtfulness and generosity of their realtor. We hope this remembrance translates to new referrals down the road.