PC Matic Award-Winning Anti Virus and Management Service

When you get PC Matic through Lifeline, your computer status will show up on our system. We can keep your virus protection up to date, schedule scans, view scan results, see potential issues, and optimize your computer. 

Know. You. Are. Protected.


Business Technology Solutions

Whether you are a small business looking for website design and management, a restaurant looking for a new reservation or POS system, or essentially any business looking for an on-call IT representative, Lifeline is your solution to fantastic technology consulting and service when you need it without the price of adding a full-time technology professional to your staff.


Troubleshooting, Recommendations, & Repairs

If a device does not turn on, your printer is locked-up, you have a virus on your computer, or anything else requiring a technology technician, we are here to help with in-home tech help in San Diego. We will troubleshoot your problems, walk you through our course of action, provide an estimate to complete the work, and remedy the situation quickly.

Ask us about data-backup recommendations, virus protection, system maintenance and problem prevention, and remote support.


Solid State Drive Installation

Make any computer up to 20x faster by taking out the traditional Hard Drive and installing a SSD. Solid State Drives have no moving parts and can make data connections much faster than standard hard drives. This service gives life to any computer and prevents the need for the purchase of another.

Website Solutions in Greater San Diego

There are many tools available to make website building fast and easy. We utilize these tools to get great new sites up quickly. Our website design service is $750. Once your site is built, we will show you how to make changes.

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