What should you do about the Windows 7 End of Life?

Many of my clients in San Diego have asked me about the message that has been popping up on their computers regarding the discontinued support of Windows 7. Many were worried that their computers would stop working, many thought that there would be a significant expense to upgrade.

It is my recommendation that users of Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10. The system will continue to be supported for a while and at the present moment, there is a way to upgrade for FREE. Microsoft will tell you that you need to purchase a Windows 10 license, but if you download the Windows Media Creation Tool, you can upgrade your computer without cost.

Many, though, are weary about change and implementing a new system that has the potential of causing more problems than it solves.. If you are one of these people, know that your computer will not shut down on January 14th, 2020. The Windows 7 End of Life primarily refers to the fact that Microsoft will no-longer be sending out updates and security patches. If you choose to keep Windows 7, you will most-certainly want to find a top-notch antivirus that operates on a Whitelist system. Your computer will stay protected and usable.

Upgrading Your Computer to Windows 10 Using the Media Creation Tool:

Step 1: Download the Windows Media Creation Tool From Microsoft

Download the Windows Media Creation Tool from Microsoft to begin. If is a free download.

Step 2: Open the Windows Media Creation Tool and Choose “Upgrade this PC”

This step is important. In choosing “Upgrade this PC” you will be able to convert your Windows 7 license into a Windows 10 license for FREE. It happens automatically. Do not do a clean install on the computer.

Step 3: Watch and Wait

Windows 10 will begin downloading the setup files, then install the Operating System. Periodically, you may be prompted to choose to save all files, restart, etc. Follow the prompts, and after an hour or two, you’re new copy of Windows 10 will be upgraded and licensed!

Need Help Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Of course if you have any trouble along the way, do not hesitate to contact Lifeline Computer Services! We are happy to help with the entire process. If you are a San Diego Native, we can help at your location. If you are anywhere else, our Remote Support service can get everything squared away in a jiffy!

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